I am here to encourage you to grow, help you connect and create a loving relationship with yourself.

Hello, beautiful human! I welcome you into my space!

My name is Iunia, I am a systemic and intuitive coach, a heart warrior and a soul on its path in this life.

I help you connect to your inner resources and help you feel more playful and open towards life.

Change often begins with a longing…

I see longing as a compass of our inner map. Our desires indicate the direction our soul wants to take. Maybe it is the longing for more depth and real honesty in our relationships with others. Or maybe we are craving a more meaningful life. My soul was longing for more freedom and self-determination – this is what brought me here.

  • Are you craving a change in your life, but don’t really know where to start?
  • Do you feel stuck or unsatisfied in your working life?
  • Do you often wish to be somewhere else?
  • Is it hard for you to make decisions?
  • Do you sometimes have the following thought: There must be more to life than that – but never dare to follow it?
  • Do you feel disconnected from yourself?
  • Are you way too much in your head all the time?

As a certified systemic and intuitive coach, I assist you in the process of change, help you see through patterns that hold you back and find a new context for your soul’s path.

I do not differentiate between personal and job-related topics. This is about the human being as a holistic being in all its wonderfully chaotic-creative complexity. It’s about you.

And maybe it is hard to grasp right now, but: You have all the answers within you. I am here to help you access them, acknowledge them, feel them, speak them out and integrate them into your life.

My offerings

MEET YOURSELF_ a powerful 1:1 mentorship journey

LET MOTHER NATURE GUIDE YOU_a 1:1 mindful coaching experience

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