A few words about me

For most of my life, I lived from my head. I was not connected to my body – let alone to my female cycle. In my job as an editor I was intellectually challenged, but mentally, artistically and spiritually I felt increasingly starved.

And yet there was always an inner voice guiding me from one step in life to the next. Over the years, the voice became louder and louder – my soul, my inner child, my inner artist rebelled.

There is more in life for you ….

It was these words that I heard, felt deep within me, vibrating in every cell of my body. They felt so true – a deep, inner knowing that was meant only for me. I decided to follow that voice and stepped into the unknown: I quit my 9-5 office job and embarked on a wonderful and intense journey.

I longed for freedom and self-determination…

It was an inward journey, a spiritual awakening, which began for me with a tightness in my chest, with the feeling that life was no longer in my own hands, but that I had to function from week to week under the control of others.

In this phase of my life I experienced for the first time how powerful coaching can be. I worked with a wonderful woman who helped me find my answers to burning questions: How do I actually want to live? What experience do I want life to be? What is important to me? What do I stand for?

I became an explorer…

So I went on a journey, I explored my inner landscapes, met my shadows, dealt with deep-seated inner wounds and beliefs. I began to value myself more, to love myself, and so slowly understood that my life experience makes me unique and is actually a gift.

I was overwhelmed by the abundance there is to discover when we dare to look within.

I peeled off layers of conditioning, got to know the different parts of myself – such as the inner child, the inner artist, the inner critic – I recognized beliefs and behaviors that are not conducive to the further development of my soul. I learned to hold myself and reconnected with Gaia, our Great Mother.

Do you have the courage to look within?

Today I myself hold space for people who are seeking answers, who want to live more authentically and self-determined.

In the last years I have trained as a systemic-integrative life coach, added the unique and insightful Write-Your-Self methodology to my toolbox, and am on my way to becoming a process-oriented nature therapist. For me, nature is not only a sacred place of healing and connecting, it is also a mirror for us, for the hidden parts within us, whose access is the heart.

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