Are you ready to stretch your comfort zone?

MEET YOURSELF_a powerful 1:1 mentorship journey

What is it that I want in life? What is really important to me? …and what is not? What is my gift and my potential that I can share and give to the world?

So many of us struggle to find answers to deep existential questions. And often we don’t even dare looking for them. Why is that? I found that it’s mostly fear of change, limiting beliefs and self-doubt that are blocking the path. The good news is: You don’t have to walk alone!

Welcome to MEET YOURSELF! Over the course of 4 month I will assist you in the process of change, help you connect to your inner resources and guide you out of your comfort zone, so that you find your answers for your life. As your guide and mentor on this journey, I meet you with openness and appreciation and provide you with a safe space for your inner work.

In the coaching process you have the opportunity to reflect, reprogram beliefs, to grow and meet the real YOU. It’s like „coming home“ to YOU.

Here are some topics that will be covered during our time together (note: these can also vary depending on your intentions for our journey together):

→ get clear on what you desire for your life

→ get clear on what your values are

→ get clear on what is holding you back & bring limitations out into the light

→ create a new context about yourself that is empowering and that supports your values

→ integrate & feel into the new version of yourself

heart over mind: practice listening & tuning in to your inner compass

What my offers holds for you

4 months of deep diving into your soul, your desires, your limitations, your truth

8 coaching sessions with me (60-90 Minutes; all recorded)

What’s included

1 kick-off session where we lay out the intentions for our journey together

communication & feedback hours between our sessions (over an app)

PDF workbook with useful exercises & inspiration for your journey

A beautiful guided meditation to help you connect & feel deeply rooted within yourself


1.200 Euro in total (a payment plan is available).

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