Nature is calling to me, as she is me and I am her…

LET MOTHER NATURE GUIDE YOU_a 1:1 mindful & intuitive coaching experience

When I’m in Nature, I feel calm, protected, held.
I can feel how my nervous system calms down.
And the longer I sit in Nature, the more I connect with myself.
The outer Nature is a mirror of my inner Nature….

The beneficial effect of spending time in Nature on the body, mind and soul has always been noticeable to humans. That’s no wonder, since Nature is our first home.

LET MOTHER NATURE GUIDE YOU is a 1:1 mindful and intuitive coaching experience, suitable for everyone who wants to get more in touch with their “inner nature”. As your guide and mentor, I support and assist you in the process.

Feeling, seeing, smelling, touching, listening & tuning in – with different exercises & meditations in and with Nature, you will activate your senses and can thereby meet yourself on levels that are often neglected in the modern hectic everyday life.

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