Write Your Self

Trauma tears apart.
It damages people, relationships and societies.
It changes the lives of those affected – fundamentally.

After trauma, life must be rebuilt – the Self recreated. Through writing this re-creation process can begin.

Trauma will silence us, if we let it. It will shroud our stories and experiences in shame and fear. It will leave us feeling powerless.

But we are not powerless!

With the right guidance, we can use writing to take our power back. We can reclaim our voices and start telling our stories in a way that empowers not only us, but others as well.

Our stories matter. Wen we own our stories, we are free to write our own endings. This is how we re-write our stories.

Welcome to Write Your Self, a space where writing gets to be a tool for support, for healing and exploration.

As a certified Write Your Self-guide, I will help you move through a specific methodology that rests upon the three following pillars:

Writing after trauma

Writing after trauma can be about writing about trauma – about the writer’s own
experiences of trauma. But it can also be about writing after experiences of trauma
– in the aftermath of trauma. It is always the writer who chooses what topics they
want to write about.

The writing process

The eight steps of the writing process consist of trauma sensitive writing exercises,
guidelines for teaching groups, writing in groups, for discussion and feedback, as
well as teachings to support the writer to develop sustainable writing.

The writer’s choice and empowerment

The ultimate goal of Write Your Self’s methodology is to bring choice and
empowerment back to the writer. Trauma often causes a feeling of powerlessness
and loss of agency. Our methodology is developed to help the writer reclaim choice
and empowerment through writing.

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The Writing Process

The eight steps in Write Your Self’s writing process are:

  1. A Room of One’s Own
  2. Begin Writing
  3. Self-care
  4. The Writing Body
  5. Genres
  6. Topics
  7. Creating Wholeness
  8. Expressing the Wordless

Through these steps – this process – you get to experience and learn about writing both as craft and as a process.

As a writer you receive my wholehearted support and guidance, so that you are able to find your topics, and to create your own sustainable writing routines.

Write Your Self as a tool for self-empowerment

The Write Your Self method has been created for writing after a trauma where writing can be an instrument for healing, but it can also be used in other ways:

This unique method can also be used in finding and using your voice in the creation of your on going life (i.e. visioning, setting goals, etc) and as a tool for self-empowerment.

A number of things that we encounter in life make us feel as if we have lost our voice, our choice, and are powerless.

Are you ready to gently break the silence, to express the wordless, to find your own inner voice, to empower yourself through writing?

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